1. Flatirons Counseling Services: Benefits Of Professional Counseling

    Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or another individual battle? Looking to strengthen or rebuild your relationship and/or family unit, or hoping to help your child who is fighting a battle with substance abuse, self-harm, bipolar disorder, or bullying? Or are you simply just ready…Read More

  2. PARENTING 101

    My son Samuel last year had ten baseball games and I had been to the first seven games. However, I knew I would have to miss the eighth game coming up the very next weekend because of a work commitment I could not avoid. When I told Sam that I would not be able to come to his game, he looked me stra…Read More

  3. Oppositional Defiant Disorder

    Many factors put youth and families at risk for juvenile delinquency. Research indicates that the most effective treatments, even with very difficult youth, are programs and treatments that are family-based and multisystemic. Treatments that focus on the family can also be useful in helping adults d…Read More

  4. Sexual Addiction

    Sexual addiction is a serious problem in which one engages in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behavior despite increasing negative consequences to one’s self or others. Like other addictions, these behaviors continue despite sincere and persistent efforts to stop. Some might not think…Read More